Employees & Career


MinecorpIndia encourages a work culture where there is trust, openness and respect for all the stakeholders. In the diversity of our operations we encounter various types of communities and with it their beliefs, culture and customs towards which we expect our people to be sensitive, perceptive and apply wisdom.

We offer opportunities to grow and develop especially by nurturing a culture of ownership and meeting aspirations through constant engagement. We respect & reward performance as the bandwidth of our operations is not limited and and want our people to evolve from within and take on more roles & responsibilities. We look for people smarter and better than us as we are constantly in search for doing things in a better, bigger and more innovative manner. Our people are the most powerful asset we have and our intent is to nurture them in a manner worthy of taking on global challenges applying their experience, intelligence and determination. We expect our people to be unique, energetic and passionate about making a measurable impact in whatever we do and with them take new strides to grow sensibly and diligently. To supplement all this, we desire that every member respects the values of humility, endearment and honesty so that whatever is done is for the overall benefit of the organization, its people and the communities we engage with.

While mining has an element of adventure in it, there’s also the anticipation to work towards getting a community ready for the opportunity for its own economic development and MinecorpIndia has a fundamental belief that we give back to our communities and its people. We are decisive in our efforts that everything that we do has to have a ‘long term impact’, ‘is efficient’ and ‘is innovative or new’. At MinecorpIndia you will be a part of an organization that takes the meaning of the word ‘exploration’ beyond mining into new ideas and initiatives.

If you feel you have a passion for the mining businesses and want an environment to nurture and support your skillsets then drop a line to us on careers@minecorpindia.com