Corporate Social Responsibility


MinecorpIndia has an action centric CSR policy where the entire organization gets involved from the planning to the implementation. The focus of the management is to ensure that the 5 key areas that need to be addressed are customized to meet the needs of the local community covering:

  1. Employment & Employability
  2. Education (schools, technical and vocational)
  3. Healthcare
  4. Women empowerment
  5. Infrastructure: habitation, water and power

Our focus on the deployment of funds and efforts towards these areas has to have the following 3 outcomes:

  1. Development of the community tangibly as well as monetarily
  2. The amelioration of the quality of life and livelihood with better habitation, education, healthcare, security, and sustainability.
  3. Community participation in the growth of the region through economic development.

Our overall focus is to not just ensure that a local economy is created but establish a sustainable and qualitative livelihood where there is an evolution of the village into a model village and then clusters of ability are created where new industries can come up ensuring that the community is multifaceted in its domestic produce. While extractive industries normally speak about depletion of resources, environmental hazards, and building of economies reliant on just mining, MinecorpIndia has made it an internal vision that we will nurture sustainable businesses that are not just dependent on the mining industry. MinecorpIndia will be assisting in the establishing of training centers for both men and women to nurture industries around clothing, handicraft, food products, technical ability and vocational skills in collaboration with government and non-government agencies that are concerned with the regions where MinecorpIndia will be conducting its operations.

While MinecorpIndia’s mining exploration has so far not encountered issues of resettlement nor economic displacement of people or communities we are definitive that in the event of such an occurrence we will ensure that not only is the resettlement, compensation and nurturing programme meticulously implemented but that it will also contribute positively in building the relationship between MinecorpIndia and the host communities. We are well aware of the consequences of taking a short term view or taking short cuts as there are multiple case studies of the imprudence of taking that route and it also doesn’t find consonance with the beliefs of the leadership and the management. We vigorously believe that the maintenance and building of these social groups will infact yield more than expected results for MinecorpIndia especially as the community’s productivity enhances when we maintain its cultural, religious and historical legacy.

Our community engagement principles are in sync with the Panchayati Raj system of governance where from exploration to the process of mining we involve the local administration (from village to block level) and incorporate their views as well as simultaneously educate the stakeholders of the benefit of nurturing the industry to enhance the social capital of their community. Our process of establishing platforms for dialogue is to ensure that the benefits of MinecorpIndia’s presence and work in the region is mutually beneficial and that everyone’s concerns and aspirations are met to the best of abilities. Our operations are not just transparent and apolitical but we work with the local government and other agencies of governance in effecting transparency in the accrual of economic benefits to the communities we are involved with. We are very perceptive to local cultures, traditions and customs for which we have employed and trained resources who are acclimatized to dealing with the local communities so that we are continuously engaged in ensuring their sentiments are revered especially with respect to sites, places, structures and objects that are culturally or traditionally significant.

A compelling part of our CSR is our environmental responsibility where we endeavor to employ technology, techniques and methods that sustain and build the richness and diversity of the ecosystem we operate in. In the nature of our mining operations concerning multi dimensional stones MinecorpIndia focuses on 3 areas:

  1. Water management and recharging: creation of reservoirs, rain water harvesting and training on the utilization of water.
  2. Natural resource management: soil management, afforestation and sanitation.
  3. Optimal utilization of energy: increased dependence on solar energy, power saving devices and alternate methods of powering activities.

MinecorpIndia’s corporate social responsibility is a mandate undertaken by the leadership not out of compulsion or legal regulation but is intrinsic to the ethos, vision and culture of the stakeholders and has been practiced by the group since its inception as an entrepreneurial venture over 2 decades back. Mr. Sajjid Khan the chairman has espoused these values and continues to uphold the group’s vision that the economic prosperity of an organization is symbiotic to the economic & social development of its people, the communities it works with and the nation itself.